Take it from those who can speak from the heart because they have walked in your shoes.  They chose to downsize to a simpler lifestyle, rich in more ways than they had even imagined.

If you would like to hear from others, schedule a visit of our community where you will be surrounded by residents anxious to share their insight and experience.

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   "The Windsor Oaks Community is a welcoming environment to come to each day.  I truly enjoy my interactions with the resident members.  It is fun to hear about the socials, coffee hours, exercise classes, dining-out escapades and the wonderful food at the pot lucks.  

   The Windsor Oaks staff value serving our members.  From trash pick up at your door and general maintenance in your apartment; the caring and inclusiveness of new friends; Windsor Oaks is tops. 

   I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share in the daily lives of so many great people.  The spirit of the residents is not only unique, but contagious."

Candy Schainker, Management Coordinator


"Working one-on-one with those who live here is what makes this more than a job to me.  I love what I do and take great pride in my work."  


Dave, Maintenance Engineer

Windsor Oaks . 1100 Adams Street . Ames, Iowa

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Bob D.

Shortly after we moved to Ames in the late 1990's my wife was diagnosed with cancer. Soon her health deteriorated to the point where normal social activity was limited. We became charter members of Windsor Oaks and for us it was perfect. A relatively small group of people who quickly became like our extended family. When Joan died in 2003 the support I received helped me through a difficult time. This is where I plan to stay and invite any who might be interested.